What’s your secret weapon?

Peak performance COACHING

Whether you are a high performing athlete or an accomplished executive, Peak Performance coaching and The Kivel Method™ separate you from the rest. By combining evidenced based focus training and emotional intelligence coaching, The Kivel Method™ becomes your “secret weapon.”


What separates peak performers from the rest?


According to research, Emotional Intelligence:

  • Matters twice as much as technical expertise or IQ

  • Accounts for 67% of the abilities necessary for superior performance

  • Determines the quality of our business and personal relationships 

  • Is directly linked to successful financial performance

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be aware of our own emotions, to be conscious of the emotions of the people around us, and to manage our emotions effectively in professional and personal relationships, especially when those relationships become difficult.

Move forward faster with executive coaching.

Why work on your own when you can work with an ICF certified Professional Coach and get to where you want to be faster? 

Not all coaching is the same.  ICF certified coaches follow a strict code of ethics and standards designed by the International Coaching Federation. Professional Coaching by a certified ICF coach has many benefits including increased confidence, greater productivity, better decision making skills, and increased goal attainment.


According to studies conducted by the 
International Coach Federation
,  coaching results in:


Increased Productivity:

Work Performance +70%
Business Management +61%
Time Management +57%
Team Effectiveness +51%

Positive People:

Self Confidence +80%
Relationships +73%
Communication Skills +72%
Life Work Balance +67%

i Wylies Baths, Coogee, Australia. I was lucky to get to travel with my daughter’s water polo team to Australia. In the mornings, I would swim laps in this beautiful ocean pool.

Peak Performance training


Australian National Water Polo Team: Peak Performance Training

What a great trip I had to Australia where I worked with the Australian National Water Polo Team and their Coach, Olympic Silver Medalist Maureen O’Toole Purcell on Peak Performance Training. Several of the athletes when on to play at Nationals right after our training where they won a silver medal! Congratulations Devils!

Walnut Creek Aquanuts Win Gold & High Point Award at US Nationals

I’ve had the honor of working with these two teams over the past couple seasons on Peak Performance Training. Between the two teams, they took home 5 gold medals and the High Point Award!  Olympic Gold Medalist Tammy McGregor also won the Junior Coach of the Year Award.

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