What our clients are saying 

Staying present in the moment is imperative for synchronized swimmers; often, a swimmer will think about the next part of the routine or fixate on something they could have done better. When this happens, the part of the routine she is performing will suffer from lack of focus.

After working with Sarah, the swimmers learned how to focus on the task at hand. Taking 10 minutes to clear their heads of worldly concerns made practice significantly more productive.

Sarah helped the swimmers not only as athletes, but also as people. The athletes were able to work through stress by talking through it and clearing that space before focusing on the next task. They looked forward to these sessions every week; their performance improved so much that we even completed focus training sessions before they competed at U.S. Nationals.

I look forward to continuing to work with Sarah as she helps to improve the girls’ athletic careers, self esteem and outlook on life.
— Tammy McGregor | 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist 2000 Olympian 2004, 2008, 2012 Olympic Coach
I highly recommend Kivel Executive Coaching. Sarah creates a learning environment-walking and hiking-that makes me feel like we are on a journey together. She actively listens as I develop my ideas and she stays neutral as she pushes me to take the next step. Sarah understands different learning styles and makes it easy to understand new ways to develop emotional intelligence. Sarah’s coaching has made a positive impact on my success at work and in my life.
— Cory Levenberg, CEO, 42, Inc
A lot of other people have tried to teach me to meditate to relax and stay calm but none of them have ever made me enjoy it or see its benefits and what it can do for me but you helped me understand and want to do it. THANK YOU SO, SO, SO MUCH!!
— Liv, Australian National League Water Polo Team
I am looking forward to relating the concepts you have taught us to my everyday life so that I become not only a better athlete, but a better person.
— Lilli Harris, Australian National League Water Polo Team
I’ve learned to pay more attention to myself, which will help me a lot in water polo and life.
— Cara, Australian National League Water Polo Team
Before working with Sarah, I will admit I wasn’t sure if coaching was something that I needed.  After making the decision to give it a try, I can tell you without a doubt that working with Sarah was one of the best choices I could have made for myself!  Her expertise in her field shows as she provides keen insight during our sessions.  She is perceptive, attentive, and respectful.  I know that because of the tools I gained from our sessions, I am years ahead of where I would have been personally and professionally had I not been working with Sarah.  I am such a believer in the process after our time together that any chance I get I wholeheartedly recommend the opportunity to work with a Coach and I would 100% recommend that Coach be Sarah!
— J.C.
Thank you so much for...teaching us the importance of self awareness and how moods can affect other players. You have really taught me a lot about how to push myself...
— Georgia Smith, Australian National League Water Polo Team
I have learned so much from you and can’t wait to pass on the knowledge I have gained to other players.
— Sienna, Australian National League Water Polo Team
We were the National Champions and I honestly believe Sarah played a huge role in this. The girls were mentally prepared and calm before every game. I feel so fortunate to have her as part of our program for our athletes.
— Maureen O'Toole Purcell
Olympic Silver Medalist and Founder of Diablo Water Polo
All the work you have put into us is going to help us find victory this season.
— Jasmine H., Australian National League Water Polo Team
I enjoy my coaching sessions with Sarah because she is genuine in her concern for me and I always leave with more than I started with at the beginning of our session.
— Dawn McBride, Director, All Leaders Must Serve
I have never had anyone explain the importance of emotional intelligence and self awareness or to focus on your mental health through water polo. It is a major aspect that doesn’t seem to be taught enough and I am so grateful that you were with us this week.
— Phoebe, Australian National League Water Polo Team
Thank you for ....helping us all out, especially in the stressful leadup to Nationals.
— Lara, Australian National League Water Polo Team
I had the great pleasure of spending an amazing and highly insightful time with Sarah Kivel. We kicked off the morning early, and Sarah dove right into experience sharing that helped set a comfortable engaging environment. She was clear and concise, highly educated, and very polished in her communication style; clearly a skilled professional. The ensuing dialogue gave me a great perspective of how the day would roll out, and helped bring my expectations and concerns into alignment. 

Once we had a chance to exchange ideas and get a better understanding of personality types, I felt very comfortable sharing my goals, and some of my personal experiences and perspectives. As we transitioned from initial meeting to the slopes, the time together continued to go very smoothly. With each chair lift ride up, we had a great opportunity to have clear and effective dialogue, followed by a number of exhilarating runs down some of the more aggressive runs at Squaw Valley off of KT-22 on an incredible and rare Sierra powder day.

I have spent a lot of time on personal and career development, and this was truly one of the best sessions I can think of; way better than sitting in a restaurant, conference room, or a typical meeting in a closed up environment. My time was very well spent. I look forward to many more sessions on the slopes with Sarah Kivel.
— Tracy James Van Voorhees, CEO, Pacific Crest Group
Thank you so much for coming and helping us learn how to be better athletes.
— Alex Corbett, Australian National League Water Polo Team
Working with Sarah was wonderful.  This was my first experience with coaching, and she made me feel very comfortable in a situation that was far outside my comfort zone.  She has the knowledge and tools to turn thoughts into actionable ideas, and provided the insight that I needed in order to put me on the right path to self-discovery.  I appreciated Sarah’s gentle way of communicating, while still pushing me to set goals and pursue them.  It is clear that Sarah is passionate about both coaching and her clients, and goes above and beyond to provide the best experience possible
— Katy Ryan, Senior Program Manager, PG&E