Be an Effective and Successful Leader. 3 Ways Emotional Intelligence can help.

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ), what does it have to do with successful leadership? Everything. 

Research shows that the higher the rank of a leader, the more Emotional Intelligence has to do with their effectiveness. And, EQ accounts for 67% of the abilities necessary for superior leadership performance.  

What can you do to improve your Emotional Intelligence and become a more effective and successful leader? Here are three things you can do now:

1.  Own your values.

Values are the things we believe are important in the way we live and work. They determine our priorities.  When the actions we take are in line with our values, life feels good.  On the other hand, when our actions are not in line with our values, things don't feel so good.  

Are you clear on your values?  Are the decisions you make in line with your values? Are you modeling these values in how you lead your organization?

2.  Learn empathy.

Connect with others by putting yourself in their situations. Practicing active listening is one way to become more empathetic.  When you are having a conversation with someone, put your phone on silent or put it away.  Look them in the eyes and really pay attention to what it is they are saying.  Ask questions about what they are telling you. Connecting with clients, employees, and coworkers builds trust and is key to successful leadership.

3.  Pay attention to your emotions.

People who can identify and name their emotions are better able to manage their emotions and not get carried away by them. They are also able to recognize different emotions in other people and can respond appropriately.  

There is also information and gifts in all of our emotions.  When we don't allow ourselves to feel or recognize  a wide range of emotions, we miss the information and the gift of that emotion.  The same goes when we get carried away by our emotions.  We miss the information and we miss the gifts.  Pause to notice and name your emotions and receive all the valuable information and gifts that come along with these emotions.

Be an effective and successful leader. Start building your emotional intelligence today.

Sarah Kivel