Interview and Filming with Alumination Producer Eric Bricker 

i Point Mugu State Beach, near Malibu California. Producer Eric Bricker and crew met me and my Airstream on the beach for an interview and filming for the upcoming Airstream documentary, Alumination.

Photo by Flash Creative Photography                                          

It was a beautiful May afternoon.  Sunny, my 25' Airstream travel trailer,  and I had pulled up to Point Mugu State Beach.  Eric and I had planned this meeting date and location last November 2016.  The day couldn’t have been more perfect for an interview and film shooting.  The temperatures were warm, the sky was blue and there were very few people on the beach this Sunday evening.  Producer Eric Bricker, Executive Producer James Heckman and Allison Light, Alumination Behind the Scenes Bad Ass, were arriving soon.  

They were coming to film and interview me as part of the Airstream documentary they have been working on for the past three years, Alumination.  As I waited for their arrival, I felt my heart begin to beat faster and the butterflies in my stomach begin to go crazy. I was getting nervous about the idea of being interviewed in front of a camera for the first time, even though it was around my favorite topic Sunny, my Airstream trailer.  I sat on the couch inside Sunny, facing the ocean.  I could see dolphins playing in the waves.  How lucky I felt to be there, a feeling I often feel in Sunny.  I closed my eyes and just listened to the ocean and began to focus on my breathing.  After ten minutes or so, the nervous feeling moved on and I was left with a feeling of calm and excitement.  Then, I began to hear what sounded like rain hitting the ceiling.  It didn’t seem possible that it could be raining when the sun was shining so bright.  I peeked outside, and there was the perfect grey cloud overhead that poured rain right over the beach.  It only lasted for a few minutes before it moved along.  

Eric and Allison pulled up to the beach behind Sunny and James drove up a couple minutes later.  We said hello with big hugs.  After talking to Eric on the phone a few times over the past seven months, what a pleasure it was to finally meet him in person. He felt like an old friend that I just hadn’t seen in a while. I felt an instant connection with Eric ever since the first time we talked about my story and his project, Alumination.  Suddenly, the rain started again.  This time it was pouring!  After we pulled out the awning on the trailer, and then decided to put it back in, the rain had stopped.  It was time to start the interview and filming.  

The filming began on my mountain bike.  One of my favorite activities at the end of the day is riding my mountain bike on the wet sand at sunset.  The rain had finally completely cleared and we had the perfect sunset.  The sand at the ocean’s edge was covered with round, soft rocks that had washed up on the shore.  As the ocean waves rolled over the rocks, the most beautiful melody could be heard.  It sounded like the ocean’s song.  Unfortunately, my bike wouldn’t easily roll over these rocks.  Wearing a long dress and flip flops didn't help either.  Instead, I rode along the fence that separated the beach from highway 1.  This was my first experience in front of a real movie camera!

The filming moved from my bike to the beach and the interviewing began.  At first, the red light indicating that the camera was “on” set my nerves in motion.  But Eric’s gentle way eventually put me at ease in front of the camera. He asked me many questions about what I love to do and how I feel when I am out adventuring with Sunny. We talked about how I enjoy working and Coaching from Sunny.  Clients always get a huge smile on their face when they come in to my office on wheels.  Mountain biking on newly discovered trails is another favorite activity I enjoy with Sunny. I also love that I can share experiences with my kids, whether it’s spending time with them on the beach or in the mountains or being able to watch them compete in their favorite sports that take them across the country.  I have learned so much about towing a trailer, including dealing with flat tires and breaking down in the middle of the California desert.  When I am out adventuring in Sunny, I find myself in flow, that place of optimal experience.  I am in my zone, my element. I feel present, mindful and completely alive.  

After several hours of filming and interviewing, the sun finally set into the ocean around the point.  While James had to get back a little earlier, Eric and Allison joined me for a relaxing dinner. We spend hours around the table continuing the Airstream conversation, talking about our kids, our values, and laughing, a lot.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to share my Airstream story and to have made these amazing new friends.  I am very much looking forward to all the adventures ahead!

Sarah Kivel