You Are Successful

You're a leader in your organization. You work hard to grow and manage your business. You feel the pressure to stay on top. And it's on you when things go wrong.


How Do You Achieve Peak Business Performance?

Motivated leaders are relying on innovative methods. One is being present and focused. The other is using emotional intelligence. Research shows that emotional intelligence matters twice as much as technical ability or IQ when it comes to achieving peak performance.





The Kivel Method™ combines science, focus training and movement to build emotional intelligence.  Learn emotional intelligence faster and more effectively by getting the benefits of being active and working outdoors.

i Me and my Airstream travel trailer, which is also my office.

Benefits of the Kivel Method™

  • Take your business to extraordinary

  • Create a happy, productive & efficient workforce

  • Learn from the latest in neuroscience

  • "Walk the walk"