You’re at the top of your sport. You’re fit, you train hard to be #1. You want to keeping learning and growing in your sport to be the best you can be. You want to connect with yout team and lead by example. You want to feel confident and powerful in your sport and in your life.


strength training for the mind

Do you stay focused and calm under stress? How do you manage the pressure to win and the disappointment of losing? How do you deal with an injury...or a difficult teammate or coach? Research shows that peak performance comes from being present and focused. And, emotional intelligence matters more than technical ability when it comes to overall team performance.

i My daughter is shown here on the bottom lifting her teammate. They were competing in Italy.



The Kivel Method™ combines focus training and emotional intelligence coaching to help you achieve peak performance.


Who Can Benefit from the Kivel Method™?

  • Athletes & coaches who are leaders in their sport

  • Competitors that want to be #1

  • Individuals & teams that want a distinct advantage over the competition

  • Those that want to benefit from the latest in neuroscience

i I am a cyclist and triathlete. The most exciting race I ever did was the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon.